Join Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

OUR CSA is full for the 2019 season - email us to join the waiting list.

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a model of food production that connects farmers directly with eaters. Members purchase a share in the harvest & are treated to the fresh, locally-grown vegetables in season each week.

Why Join?

Freshness: Produce picked no more than 1 day before you receive it

Choice: Our market-style set-up and Choice Table help you tailor your share

Quality: It's excellent. You can taste it.

Pleasure: Free pick-your-own flowers & herbs for farm members. Visit the chickens. Watch the garden grow.

Broaden your vegetable horizons: Lots of exciting options beyond what you find at the grocery store

Main Season Veggie Shares (19 weeks, June-Oct 2019)

  Small Regular Large
Price $500/season $885/season $1300/season
Feeds... Couple or individual with a big veggie appetite Family of 3-4 or veggie-crazy couple Household of 4+

**Subsidized shares available - contact us**


2 Pick-Up Groups

Fertile Ground Farm (St. Agatha) -  Fridays 3:30-6:00


Mount Hope Neighbourhood (Extend-A-Family lot, 91 Moore Ave Kitchener) - Tuesdays 3:45-6:15pm   



Eggs, Flowers and Other Foods

Egg shares from our pastured hens are an optional add-on to veggie shares. Farm members have free access to our PYO flower & herb gardens. Pastured meats, honey, and no-spray fruit are available from our partners throughout the season.

Membership Agreement

Members share in the ups and downs of the season. What you receive will depend on what grows well each week and over the course of the season. If there is a really difficult growing season, some weeks may be smaller than anticipated. By signing up you help share the inherent risk of farming. THANK YOU!

  • If you can’t make your pick-up window, you're welcome to send someone else or ask for it to be packed for a later pick-up at the farm. Otherwise, your share will be donated to a local food program. It's not possible to switch back & forth between Tuesday & Friday pick-up groups.

  • You can downsize your share at any point in the season with 2 weeks notice. Sizing up is dependent on availability.

  • Although members are encouraged to commit for a full season, it is possible to cancel a membership with 2 weeks notice and obtain a refund for the remaining weeks.