The Hands That Grow Your Food

Angie Koch - Farm Manager

Early-morning spinach harvest

For Angie, Fertile Ground has been an exciting venture into the world of farm entrepreneurship. With an educational and professional background in community development, Angie found herself shifting towards the life of vegetable-growing almost a decade ago. Favourite farm tasks include pushing the wheel hoe, trellising tomatoes, and playing with the chickens. Angie loves getting her hands dirty & is kinda proud when the grit just won’t come out from under her fingernails. When not in the fields or behind her computer, she can be found dancing blues or lindy hop, climbing a boulder, gleefully sipping a craft brew, puttering around her kitchen, or shamelessly reading a novel in a sunbeam.

Amy Bumbacco - Field Manager

Amy grew up in Northern Ontario and moved to Waterloo to pursue an education in Environmental Studies.  At the University of Waterloo, she was exposed to the many personal, social, and environmental benefits of local and organic farming.  To gain a first-hand experience, Amy started working with an urban garden where she fell in love with getting her hands dirty, enjoying the fruits of her labour, and fostering a sense of community.  Her passion led to a Master’s degree in which she studied the best practices employed by direct-marketing farmers to procure a sustainable farming livelihood.  Now, Amy is the Field Manager at Fertile Ground and is eager to get people excited about their food!  When she’s not farming, she likes to be crocheting, reading, baking, and rock climbing

Patrick Kelly - Field Worker/Equipment Lead

Always loving food, Patrick came across organic farming completely by accident while working as a hardscaper four years ago. It has become a lifestyle and a passion that brings his favourite activities together under one wide-open sky and allows him to be a quiet advocate for quality food and environmental practices. Some day, he hopes to work his own piece of land but for now, he's excited to challenge himself mechanically and to work with - and learn from - another great EFAO farmer.

Kelly Tate - Intern

Kelly grew up in Norfolk County eating peas, carrots, and rhubarb straight out of her grandparent's vegetable garden and has been cultivating her green thumb ever since. There are few things more delightful for her than biting into a fresh picked tomato that she helped to grow or watching chickens run around the barnyard. She is very excited for her second year as a CRAFT intern and can't wait to get her hands back into the soil. Combining her business education and farming experience into her own farm enterprise within the next few years would be a dream come true. Aside from playing in the dirt she can often be found nerding out over permaculture books and workshops, sipping coffee at a local cafe, as well as camping and exploring hiking trails.

Stephanie Scott - Field Worker

Transplanting yarrow

Stephanie grew up in the suburbs of Pickering and was a nature-loving, animal-crazy bookworm who wished she lived in the country.  After completing her Master’s degree in plant ecology at Queen’s, Stephanie took a job on an organic vegetable farm, and finally figured out what to do with her life.  Shortly after moving to Waterloo she took the plunge, and in 2014 she started her own business: Petals & Sprigs - a small farm on borrowed land outside Waterloo growing herbs and flowers.  She keeps her veggie-growing skills sharp by working part-time at Fertile Ground.  When she’s not farming, Stephanie is still a nature-loving bookworm, who is passionate about food, the CBC, and her dog.  She lives with her husband in Waterloo and is working on that big move to the country.

Mike Iacobelli - Intern

Originally from Sarnia, Mike has been living in Waterloo for just over the last 3 years. Growing up around family and friends who seasonally grew their own produce gave him exposure to gardening and having fresh food available, which made food a large part of his upbringing. After graduating from culinary school and spending many strenuous hours in the restaurant environment, he has decided to take a step away from the kitchen and streer in a different direction with the culinary world. Just like the rest of the crew, he shares a high interest in the quality of the vegetables he gets to work with and is really excited to experience the growing process in its entirety hands on. At some point in his career, nothing would make him more proud than to be able to provide a community of restautants with local and organic produce.

Many Volunteers

Volunteers, Work Bee

There's a lot of dirty hands that grow your food!

Our 2015 Team

On tractor: Erika Adams, Roger Woo

In front of tractor: Evan Burgess, Angie Koch, Oliver DesRues, Stephanie Scott