The Hands That Grow Your Food

Angie Koch - Farm Manager

For Angie, Fertile Ground has been an exciting venture into the world of farm entrepreneurship. With an educational and professional background in community development, Angie found herself shifting towards the life of vegetable-growing almost a decade ago. Favourite farm tasks include pushing the wheel hoe, trellising tomatoes, and playing with the chickens. Angie loves getting her hands dirty & is kinda proud when the grit just won’t come out from under her fingernails. When not in the fields or behind her computer, she can be found dancing blues or lindy hop, climbing a boulder, gleefully sipping a craft brew, puttering around her kitchen, or shamelessly reading a novel in a sunbeam.

Cam Bell - Field Worker & High Tunnel Manager

Cam has been considering a career in farming for over a decade, and finally got serious about it last year. After attending the University of Northern BC and working in local government and economic development, he decided to pursue organic vegetable production and plans to run his own farm in northwest BC in the future. He has worked with several non-profit farms and gardens, and has worked as a consultant in the growing urban agriculture industry. Cam is very excited to hone his crop production and business management skills at Fertile Ground this season. On off-days and in the off-season, Cam enjoys reading about permaculture, hucking frisbees, playing trumpet, brewing beer, camping, riding bikes, and skiing.

Laura Headley - Field Worker & Greenhouse Manager

For Laura, ecological farming is the translation of her love for food, culture, creative production and the natural world. Fascinated by the universal way food can nourish communities, tell stories, build traditions and connect people, Laura studied Design and Sustainability at OCAD University. As nearby as Toronto and as far away as the Amazonas, she has since spent time managing design & build projects dedicated to bringing local food production into urban places and working sleeves rolled up on community and commercial farms. At Fertile Ground, Laura looks forward to learning more about farm entrepreneurship while growing quality food with full, fresh, seasonal flavors. When the greenhouse and farm days are done, Laura is sure to be outside, on the water, or kicking back, cooking over flames, sharing some wine and a good laugh or two.

Asha Virdee - Field Worker

Asha discovered her passion for farming and agroecology through her studies in Environment, Resources & Sustainability at the University of Waterloo. She has been involved with a student-led food sustainability project since 2015, and served as the Managing Director of UW Campus Market Garden during the 2017 season. Asha is looking forward to building a career in food system sustainability, and she is very excited to continue developing her farming knowledge this season at Fertile Ground. When she's not on the farm, Asha can be found exploring nature, reading non-fiction novels, playing with cats, or tending to her house plants.

Stefan Gorgolewski - Intern

Having grown up in a small farming town in England, Stefan has always had a strong affinity for nature, plants and animals also developing a strong love of cooking and food. After earning a degree in Environmental Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University, Stefan’s growing passion for cooking and food led him to spend a year in culinary school training to be a chef before deciding that it was the growth and production of raw ingredients that appealed most to him. This desire to grow and produce food rather than cook led him to becoming an intern on Fertile Ground Farm for the 2018 season. When not working on the farm Stefan is most often found fishing local rivers or cooking up new dishes.     

Many Volunteers

Volunteers, Work Bee

There's a lot of dirty hands that grow your food!