Why Support Local Food Systems?

Exceptional taste and freshness

Local food is able to be distributed fresher and therefore often tastes better than food shipped long distances. Vegetables shipped from distant places can spend as many as 7-14 days in transit before they arrive in the supermarket. Unless it's meant for storage, we harvest everything 1-3 days before we get it to you.

Environmental Impact

Local farms can reduce carbon dioxide emissions through decreased gas use and less need for packing material. Local organic systems don't use petroleum-based chemicals and engage in many soil and microbe-building practices. Small-scale farms replace a lot of oil-powered mechanized work with fuel-free manual labour.

Strengthen your local economy

Buying local food keeps your dollars circulating in your community. Buying direct from a farmer means the farmer gets full retail value for the food they grow. Buying local supports food sovereignty by strengthening the local food supply.

Get to know the source of your food

Buying direct from a farmer means you get to know the people who grow your food & can learn to trust how the land is being cared for & what you’re putting in your body.