Our Partners

 Darrell Roes

Darrell raises a mixture of pastured poultry, pigs and grass-fed beef at a farm just down the road from us. He sells organic (non-certified) meat at our CSA pick-ups or by appt.




 Extend A Family Waterloo Region - WALES Group

Working Adults Learning Empowering Skills (WALES) is a group of adults with developmental disabilities whose goal is to explore their own personal possibilities in the community. Led by participants, with the help of staff, every individual creates their plan to achieve future goals. Through discovering and using their own gifts, they move forward by breaking large life dreams into smaller steps. Most of all, individuals learn to find their strengths and to use them to connect and be involved in the community. Extend A Family and their WALES Group participants host our Tuesday CSA pick-ups, offering activities for kids...cold drinks on hot days...and generally helping us with our set-up and take down each week.



Petals and Sprigs

Stephanie Scott of Petals & Sprigs grows culinary herbs, cut and edible flowers. Stephanie has worked & volunteered for Fertile Ground, and now sells flower bouquets to our Mount Hope CSA members. She also does custom bouquets and other arrangements for special events.


Laepple Organic Farm

All of our CSA potatoes are grown at Linda and Fritz Laepple's certified organic farm just outside of Ayr. The Laepples grow excellent potatoes - much better than our sandy soil will ever produce - and have the equipment to do it without breaking backs like we would. They also provide us with straw to mulch our tomatoes and bed our chickens.


Kingwood Farm

Mike and Debbie Loepp grow all of our CSA squash on their certified organic farm just outside of Wellesley. Their field space, equipment, and storage facilities combine to allow them to handle this space-intensive and heavy crop much better than us.


Little Fields Farm

Claire Poulton  will be growing leeks and storage onions for us in 2019. Located in Ayr, Claire has been farming since 2015. Given that she starts all her seedlings in our heated greenhouse, this will be a lovely full-circle venture as we tend the seedlings that she'll plant in her fields then sell back to us for CSA shares!


Bowman's Organic Produce

Vernon Burkhart recently took over this operation in nearby Wallenstein when Sam and Ellen Bowman moved East. He specializes in fall storage crops and will be growing much of our cabbage and celeriac.