Mustard Greens with Eggs


  • Spring


1-3 bunches of mustard &/or asian greens


Lemon juice


Garlic (cloves or scapes)

Onion (optional)

Splash of soy sauce &/or grainy mustard &/or hot sauce if desired


Chop greens (including stems) into chunks

Poach, sunny-side up, or fry your eggs

While they're cooking, saute the onions & garlic lightly

Toss the stems into the hot frying pan for a minute or 2

Once the eggs are ready, throw the greens into the hot pan and allow to wilt down only slightly. Splash with lemon juice (and a touch of soy if desired)

Serve eggs on top of wilted greens & top with mustard or hot sauce if you like. Toast...tasty strong cheese...bacon... these are great companions!