CSA Registration 2017 - Shares All Sold

Submit this registration form to join our CSA waiting list. Members agree to the following:

  • Members share in the ups and downs of the season. What you receive will depend on what grows well each week and over the course of the season. If there is a difficult growing season some crops may not be plentiful or shares may be smaller than anticipated some weeks. By signing up you help us as growers by sharing the inherent risk of farming. THANK YOU!
  • If you realize you need a smaller share size you can downsize at any point in the season with 2 weeks notice. Sizing up is only possible if the CSA is not full.
  • Although members are encouraged to commit for a full season, it is possible to cancel a membership at any point with 2 weeks notice and obtain a full refund for the remaining weeks.

A couple key points to consider before signing up:

  • SHARES ARE AVAILABLE DURING YOUR PICK-UP TIME ONLY. If you can’t make it to your pick-up, you are welcome to send someone else in your place. Otherwise, your share will be donated to a local food program. 
  • Members all commit to only 1 of our pick-up groups - IT'S NOT POSSIBLE TO SWITCH BACK & FORTH BETWEEN TUES & FRI PICK-UPS.

 More detailed CSA info HERE.

Household Info
Names of additional members, separated by a comma.
Any additional emails to include on our contact list, separated by a comma.
# of share eaters
Pick-Up Date & Location
Share Size & Payment
Small feeds a couple or an individual with a large veggie appetite. Regular feeds a family of 3-4 or veggie-crazy couple. Large feeds a pile of veggie-lovers.

The standard installment plan is below, but if you're able to pay the full amount upfront that is very gratefully appreciated.  Note that we've switched to deposit + just 1 installment this year to ease administrative and bookkeeping challenges as the CSA grows. Alternate payment arrangements are no problem - please contact us.

Installment Dates

Small Regular Large
Deposit (required to complete registration) $155 $200 $300
May 15 $300 $610 $880
TOTAL $455 $810 $1180
Egg Shares & Meat Options
We offer a a few optional share additions: Weekly egg shares from our pastured hens, and pastured meat (poultry, beef and pork) sold at CSA pick-ups by Darrell Roes. (We also have meat and eggs available for sale prior to the start of the CSA)
Egg shares sold out for 2017 - there may be extra eggs available for purchase some weeks.
We're delivery eggs and meats to Waterloo St. (Kitchener) for pick-up Tuesdays 4:30-6:00. Check here if you want more info on ordering and availability.
Member Supported Community Shares
We would like our CSA shares to be accessible to everyone. To that end, we collect donations from members for our Member Supported Community Share (MSCS) fund to subsidize shares for households for whom price is otherwise prohibitive. In 2016 we raised $4,200 which was used to make 15 shares available to refugees, students, and others with low or fixed income.
$ AMAZING - Donations closed. We have received all we can handle.
Please include donation amount with your deposit.
Please refer to our Membership Agreement

Your registration won't be official until your deposit is received. You will be sent a confirmation email with payment details after submitting. If this does not happen, email us.


Please remember that shares are available during pick-up times only. If you can’t make it to your pick-up, you are welcome to send someone else in your place. Otherwise, your share will be donated to a local food program. It's not possible to switch back and forth between Tues & Fri pick-ups.